Thursday 16 June 2016

Star Trek Beyond round-up: New stills and props, costumes, interviews, and more

More Star Trek Beyond updates today, including a look at some of the props and costumes, new interviews, and another promotional tie-in. But first, the Star Trek Beyond Omaze fundraising campaign has been re-awoken to offer fans the chance to win the highest degree of access to the world premier of the film at the San Diego Comic Con.

You might recall last year Omaze ran a campaign to win set visits, as well as being able to pick up all sorts of other bits and pieces from the production (most excitingly the concept art of the USS Franklin came from that). This time you can get a ticket to the premiere - But not just any ticket, this one will keep you in the company of the cast at the after-party too. Entries come in the form of donations, this time being made to Mission Continues, a military veterans support charity. The level of donation made will also entitle you to other perks, such as T-shirts, pins, concept art, and props (more on those below).

To mark the launch of the campaign, Omaze and The Hollywood Reporter have also released two new stills. One of those is of the crew on the bridge, looking rather sombre (about to be swarmed maybe):

Note at the center of the scene is the new alien member of the crew who also appeared in a couple of shots in the first trailer. I hadn't been able to make it out in those previous shots, but it's clear here she doesn't wear a standard Starfleet uniform, and has something curiously metallic going across the top of her chest. I wonder who she is!

The second shot shows Chekov off duty, chatting to a particularly impressive alien (check out her amazing fingers!)

Higher level donations to the Omaze campaign will be rewarded with props used in the production. Those include what is described as Scotty's broken communicator, which was apparently "used and damaged during in the filming" (not sure if that means it was damaged as a story point or not):

Then there's Spock's cargo transponder - Who knows what role this plays:

And Jaylah's staff:

If you want to get your hands on any of these goodies, or win that premiere ticket, you'll need to head over to Omaze to make a donation.

I'm sure you recall a couple of weeks ago the second trailer was released at a fan event Paramount put on. The event was hosting by Adam Savage of Tested, and now they have released their own video follow-up, including lots of close-up looks at the costumes on show, and a new interview with the cast who were there, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban. Check it out:

Paramount UK have also released a new trailer/promo video thing, with a really cool new treatment of the title made from a swarm of Starfleet deltas:

Finally, another promotional partner of the film has been revealed. The appropriately named Enterprise care rental company have launched a competition, with the opportunity to win more tickets to the premier.

They also plan to have Star Trek imagery on some of their vehicles and locations over the summer, and the press release about their partnership also mentioned we have another video to look forward to:
Enterprise will also debut a mockumentary-style video that features new vehicles available for rent that will boldly take customers where they've never gone before.
Already on the Enterprise website the USS Enterprise can be spotted among the different vehicles available to hire.

Star Trek Beyond will be arriving in cinemas around the world from the end of July. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page, and see the relevant pages on Trek Collective Archives to find all the trailers, posters, and promotional stills too.


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