Thursday, 9 June 2016

Manifest Destiny #4 preview

Out this week are two nuTrek comics, both the final chapters in their respective stories. The fourth issue of the Klingon action-fest Manifest Destiny is one of those, and you can see a five-page preview below.

This issue, and indeed the whole miniseries, is written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott and is available in three covers: The main one is by issue artist Angel Hernandez, with colour by Jose Luis del Rio. The subscription cover is by Tony Shasteen, continueing his run of Bob Peak movie poster homages. And a retail incentive cover comes from Jen Barte.

You can continue reading this issue by picking up a copy at your local comic book shop, or from online retails like these:, Things From Another WorldForbidden Planet, iTunes.. The omnibus book for the series is also available to pre-order already if you would prefer to wait to read it all at once.

For full listings of all the upcoming Star Trek comic releases, and links to my previous coverage, hit the comics button on my 2016 schedule page. You can also find further comics series reading lists on Trek Collective Lists.

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