Thursday 6 September 2018

Titan Magazines Discovery companion, and Star Trek Magazine updates

Just starting to turn up on bookshelves now is one of the latest Star Trek releases from Titan, the Star Trek Discovery Special Edition: The Making of Season 1, a companion to the first series including an episode guide, behind the scenes coverage, interviews, and more. Continue below to check out lots of preview pages and covers for that releases, plus other updates from the Star Trek Magazine.

Like last year's Discovery "Collector's Edition" from Titan, this special edition is being released in both magazine and book formats; in fact it's got no less than four different releases! There's the hardcover format release using one of Paul Shippers Discovery illustrations for the cover. The regular magazine format release is an assemblage of promo photos and typically magazine-ish text shouting about the contents. And then more obscurely there's a Previews exclusive tri-coloured Vulcan/Starfleet/Klingon cover, and already available for a month, the Star Trak Las Vegas exclusive cover.

Here's the official description of the book:
The official behind-the-scenes guide to the hit new Star Trek television series!

This essential guide to the 6th Star Trek television series takes fans behind-the-scenes and into the strange new worlds of Star Trek: Discovery, and is packed with amazing images, including production artwork and exclusive prop photography.
But the editor, Nick Jones, has given a far more extensive description on his blog:
My grand plan for the Companion, such as it was, was to try and tell the story of Discovery Season 1 from both sides of the camera. So while in one sense it's an episode guide, with plot summaries, cast and crew credits, pertinent character quotes and plenty of pictures, in another it's a behind-the-scenes 'making of', with production insights and commentary from many of the principal creative types – such as Season 1 executive producers and showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts; production designer Tamara Deverell; costume designer Gersha Phillips; prosthetics and make-up maestros Glenn Hetrick and James MacKinnon, and VFX supervisor Jason Zimmerman – along with actors Mary Wiseman (who plays Sylvia Tilly), Mary Chieffo (the Klingon L'Rell) and others.
Jones also posted several preview pages, as has, and Titan:

This isn't the only book coming from the Titan Magazine team at the moment, due out in November is Star Trek: Epic Episodes, a compilation of previous Star Trek Magazine coverage focusing on notable two-parters. Here's the cover and blurb:

A special collection of the best of Star Trek Magazine focusing on the stunning 2-part episodes and landmark episodes of both Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Presenting cast and crew interviews, guides, behind the scenes exclusives and revelations on the making of everyone's favourite epic episodes.

Meanwhile the actual Star Trek Magazine also continues regular releases. The most recent of which was #194 (or #67 to US readers), which is focused mainly on celebrating DS9's 25th anniversary:
In this issue, we’re celebrating 25 years of DS9. We rewind to the show’s early days, gaining insight from Rick Berman, Nana Visitor, David Carson, and others into how DS9 came into being; the key role played by original showrunner Michael Piller, and the challenges of the show’s first year. We also gaze further along its seven seasons with subsequent showrunner Ira Steven Behr, and pinpoint “The Way of the Warrior” as a game-changer for DS9. And of course we have plenty on DS9’s spiritual descendant, Discovery, not least an interview with Doctor Culber, alias Wilson Cruz, and a Season 1, Chapter 2 episode guide.
As is usually the case this is available in either a standard cover, in this case featuring Burnham, or a Previews exclusive cover, this time a DS9 cast photo. This issue has been available since May in the US, and June in the UK.

The next issue is due very soon, set for US release in a few days, and UK next month. This issue promises a mirror universe focus, which is reflected on the two-Lorca main cover (although oddly they're both the Starfleet Lorca?). The Previews cover features Tyler and L'Rell.
A Mirror Universe Special!

Featuring interviews with Shazad Latif (Tyler), Mary Chieffo (L'rell), Connor Trinneer (Trip), Walter Koenig (Chekov), and Nana Visitor (Kira) on their characters' experiences with the Mirror Universe.

Exploring the origins and (future) history of the Mirror Universe - on TV and in comic books!

Mary Wiseman interview: Star Trek: Discovery's Tilly on her voyage of self-discovery.

And we've also already got covers for the next issue after that, due in November! The main cover for this issue is a cool homage to the classic James Bama promo art for TOS (which did a nice history piece on a few months ago) - The first non-Discovery focused main cover for many issues!

The Previews cover does focus on Discovery, and features Tilly in both mirror and prime iterations of the character.

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