Saturday 15 September 2018

Star Trek Nemesis soundtrack on vinyl

Star Trek Nemesis has become the latest Star Trek movie to get a shiny new vinyl soundtrack release. Available now from Varése Sarabande is a two disc set, featuring Jerry Goldsmith' music from the film on distinctive (thalaron) green discs! If you're a fan you'll want to get in quick though, as this is a limited edition of just 750!

At long last Jerry Goldsmith’s final musical journey into the Star Trek universe gets the vinyl treatment. Now available in a deluxe 2 LP gatefold jacket is the full & thrilling score to Star Trek: Nemesis on green thalaron colored vinyl. Also included are detailed liner notes by Star Trek historian, Jeff Bond. Get this exclusively on our website before Shinzon does.
Thankfully spanning two discs this first ever vinyl edition of the soundtrack includes the full score, although unlike the "Deluxe Edition" complete soundtrack on CD, it doesn't include some of the extra alternate and source music tracks, which sadly means this doesn't feature the lovely Brent Spinner cover of Blue Skies from that release - Maybe the green discs are enough to make up for that?

Here's the full track list, and if you visit Varése Sarabande's site you can also listen to a few sample tracks.
1. Remus (2:02)
2. The Box (2:21)
3. My Right Arm (1:02)
4. Star Field / Positronic (2:00)
5. The Argo (1:19)
6. Odds And Ends (4:36)
7. Your Brother / Course Plotted (2:06)
8. Repairs (6:27)

1. The Knife (3:06)
2. Perfect Timing / Allegiance (2:19)
3. Secrets (1:28)
4. The Mine (1:28)
5. Ideals (2:14)
6. Options (:58)
7. Bed Time / Transport (1:37)
8. Blood Test (1:25)
9. The Mirror (5:22)

1. The Scorpion (2:22)
2. His Plans / Data & B-4 (2:41)
3. Battle Stations (2:41)
4. Attack Pattern (2:22)
5. The Invitation / True Nature / Let’s Go To Work (4:37)
6. Lateral Run (3:51)
7. The Viceroy (:21)
8. Engage (2:11)

1. Full Reverse (1:41)
2. Not Functional (2:55)
3. Final Flight (3:46)
4. Firing Sequence (:56)
5. A New Friend (2:37)
6. That Song / An Honor (1:27)
7. A New Ending (8:36) 

This is just the latest in a series of attractive vinyl releases of Star Trek soundtracks, following the recent colourful edition of the Discovery soundtrack, and really beautifully presented editions of The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan in recent years. Hopefully the rest of the movies will get similar treatment in due course!

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