Friday 14 September 2018

Get funky in the latest TOS Trek-wear

TOS inspired clothing is getting pretty jazzy lately, with rainbows, neon colours, comic book inspiration, and more giving the latest TOS Trek-wear some pop. Continue below to check out some of the latest releases.

Drawing colourful neon tinted imagery from the Tokyo Invasion Star Trek branding are a pair of "lounge pants" from ThinkGeek, released last month. Covered in a dense texture of blue Star Trek imagery, there are also larger renditions of Spock, Kirk, the Enterprise, and both Japanese and English text on the legs. These are just the latest product to use these designs are drawn from artwork used to promote Star Trek in Japan in the 70s, with previous examples including an even brighter martial arts top.

Bioworld also got some neon Japanese inspiration for one of their Star Trek T-shirts, featuring the Enterprise in duplicate, which was released back in May.

Another Bioworld release features imagery from one of the early Gold Key Comics, The Voodoo Planet, but alas drops the original bright green background of the comic cover in favour of a more muted dark presentation.

Another T-shirt takes bizarre inspiration from Star Trek comics, with the captain "Vulcan massage". This was actually released by Trevco back in 2016, but I only came across it recently.

Also adding some melodrama is this Gorn T-shirt from Amazon's Star Trek range (released in February), with action-lightning and a creepy bleeding title!

A more playful design released in January in Amazon's range features a scattering of Starfleet deltas and starships Enterprise:

Colourful Enterprises are a bit of theme lately, such as this rainbow-warping Enterprise (released last October), department-colour trail Enterprise coming out of a giant delta (available since January), and what Amazon describe as the "geo pop" Enterprise (which arrived just last month):

Amazon aren't the only one's in that game though, back in March EMP have released another department colour trail Enterprise shirt, but in an overall more muted look. This has more elaborate printing though, with the registration number on one sleeve, and the  opening monologue on the back. It's also available in male and female cuts.

Back to Amazon there are some less impressionistic designs too, such as this Romulan battle image - I'm not familiar with the scene, but it's unusually elaborate if it's been made just for T-shirt use!

Entirely impressionistic is this Van Gogh Starry Night style take on the Enterprise:

And then getting a bit more retro again, is this long sleeve T-shirt celebrating the vintage of the series, released in February.

Finally, Bioworld have a few more nice items, released back in July, including TOS delta and live long and prosper hear pins and ties.

And this busy bracelet set featuring the Enterprise among those same symbols.

This is but a small sample of the Trek-wear available; there is always more being released, especially T-shirts which are available with excessive abundance and variety! Some of the best places to find the latest releases include Amazon's dedicated Star Trek shop, the Official Star Trek Shop, ThinkGeek, and EMP.

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