Tuesday 25 September 2018

Action figure updates: Mego wave 2, DST and McFarlane previews, and standees

Lots of Star Trek action figure updates today, including new previews of forthcoming Diamond Select Toys and McFarlane action figures. Continue below for those.

But first we have our first look at the at the Star Trek figures in wave two of Marty Abrams Presents Mego revival range. Joining Sulu, Chekov and mirror Kirk and Spock from the first assortment, we will soon be able to get Spock and the Gorn.

TrekMovie posted this nice clear images of the Spock figure, which Mego Museum have found a packaged shot of. This is of course very close to the original Mego Spock figure from the 70s.

The original Mego Gorn was of course famously inaccurate, made by combining the head of a Marvel Lizard figure and a  Planet of the Apes body! DST fixed this when they issued a Gorn in their own mego revival range a decade ago, and it looks like this new release is based on that far more accurate version of the figure (with a new shiner outfit)! Images again via TrekMovie and Mego Museum:

TrekMovie's piece is an interview with Marty Abrams himself, and he did talk a bit about plans for future releases, noting they can cover all the older series, and plan to expand into them after having a good go at TOS (movie as well as TV era):
We have the rights to all of that, with the exception of the new series (Star Trek: Discovery). We’re going to take it all the way through. We want to complete the Original Series and the movies with Kirk and Spock. And then we’ll look to Picard – both (TNG) television and film, then Janeway, maybe Deep Space Nine down the road. We have to pick the best characters that people want to collect, and we’re open to a lot of discussion on that.
He also mentioned he hoped to re-issue the Mego TOS bridge playset, but not anytime soon, at least 18 months away.

Hopefully coming sooner than that are Diamond Select Toys first Kelvin timeline action figures, coming as part of their Star Trek Select range. Kirk and Spock are due for simultaneous release, and Amazon listings now give us a few new images of both:

Due even soon than those, McFarlane Toys' first Star Trek action figures, Captains Kirk and Picard should arrive any day now, and to show them off McFarlane have released these really fun stop-motion animations of each of them:

Finally, stretching the definition of action figures a bit... The Star Trek Shop has added a couple of new standees to their range; you can now get life-sizeish Saru and Data cutouts (although I think Saru is a bit short at 74 inches tall):

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" button on my 2018 schedule page. And for listings of various Star Trek toy ranges, see my Trek Collective Lists site.

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