Thursday 27 September 2018

Short Treks: Runway trailer

CBS have released a trailer for the first episode of Short Treks, the Tilly focused Runaway. Check it out (and if you can't see the geo-locked Youtube video, see the Instagram version instead). also released a still from the episode:

This first Short Treks episode is due to arrive on the 4th of October - In the US at least, there seems to be troubling news for international viewers: TV Wise report that Netflix in the UK at least have not opted to pick up Short Treks, despite it being a very obvious appealing addon to the series they do already have, Discovery! Hopefully TV Wise just got word from a not sufficiently clued up Netflix representative, or non-US fans are going to be pretty annoyed come next week!

Anywho, in other TV news, Patrick Stewart recently tweeted a cool photo, showing himself along with fellow producers and writers of the new Picard show - James Duff, Diandra Pendleton-Thompson (a new addition to the production), Akiva Goldsman, Kirsten Beyer, and Michael Chabon, - All busy at work figuring out Picard's future:

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