Sunday 2 September 2018

Latest TOS costume replicas from Anovos

Several new items from the TOS TV and movie eras are now available to order from Anovos, the maker of high end Star Trek costume replicas. Continue below to check them out.

First up, something that was previewed at conventions recently, the Wrath of Khan "Starfleet landing party field jacket". The elaborately collared and multi-pocket coat worn by Admiral Kirk in the film, is now available to order, with a long lead time; they're not expected to ship until autumn 2019!

There are lots of details on this piece, which as ever are meticulously recreated referencing originals, and that is no doubt reflected in the certainly-not-a-casual-purchase price of $1500. Alas so far Anovos have only released two images, so detail remain seen from afar (including the Sol Sector Earthbase patch on the sleeve, which sadly can't be seen clearly in either image):

Also from The Wrath of Khan are the uniform undershirts, now offered in operations yellow, as well as the command white previously available in the full uniform ensemble. Both undershirts now available separately are expected to arrive next year.

Moving back in time, one of the quirkier bits of TOS TV era costuming is being brought to life, the wrap around utility belt (made from faux suede), which comes complete with velcro strips to attach props. These are shipping throughout the summer and autumn this year.

Finally, you'll need something to wrap your belt around, so release of the new improved TOS uniform trousers is well timed (they're arriving this autumn). They featuring the distinctive bell-shaped cuffs, hidden pockets, and jazzy shimmer fabric!

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