Friday 7 September 2018

Model kits round-up: Updates on K't'inga class, Oberth class, and USS Kelvin kits

I've got a round up of the latest Star Trek model kits news today, with updates on several exciting up-coming releases, including the first Oberth class and USS Kelvin kits. But first, lets take a close look at what is surely the most significant model kit release of the year, Round 2 Models' Polar Lights 1:350 scale Klingon K't'inga class battle cruiser.

Round 2 are hoping to have this big kit out before the end of the year, and have just recently released the box-art for both the kit itself and the separate lighting kit. Both are in the latest style Star Trek packaging, which has been nicely specified to the ship with a Motion Picture Klingon in the character segment, and V'Ger making a pretty background to the model shots, which are of course emulating the shots of the ship from the movie.

The ship on the box is an actual built and lit model rather than an illustration, and Round 2 posted a few more images of the example build, by Jim Small, on their blog:

If you just want to see what you'll be starting with to create your own paint job, well Round 2 have provided there too, with these photos of an assembled kit fresh from the factory:

And going even further back, here's a look at all the parts! These are from the first in a series of blogs Round 2 have been posting, taking a really close look at the build of that box-cover model. You can read up on it here, here, here, here, here, and here! Plus another three part series which went into forensic detail on what colour the model should be, here, here, and here!

In addition to those regular parts, Round 2 are also going to be throwing in a replacement for the very top of the bridge dome tower. They weren't content with the level of detail their usual molding techniques allowed, so in order to provide a higher resolution finish to this particularly detailed part of the ship they've made an extra resin part. In the image below the built in dome is a 3D printed version equivalent to the standard molded part, and the extra dome sitting beside is the resin replacement.

This 3D printed model is from an earlier mock-up of the kit during in development, and Round 2 posted a gallery of images of that on their Facebook page, giving us a great look at the incredible detail coming in this kit. Here are a few of my favourite views:

While we await the arrival of that Klingon monster, a smaller cousin is just about decloaking now. Round 2's latest release is the USS Grissom and Klingon Bird of Prey two-pack, featuring two brand new 1:1000 kits of these two ships from The Search For Spock, with this being the first ever model kit of the Oberth class. Here's the box art, by John Eaves (via another Round 2 blog):

Decal sheet included in the set:

And here are the built models (see my previous report for a look at them unpainted):

Finally, also expected this year, Moebius Models' have their second Kelvin timeline kit on the way, the namesake of that timeline, the USS Kelvin. They have recently released images of a build version of that 1:1000 kit, revealing it's dedication plaque stand, and excellent detailing:

They've also revealed a higher res version of the previously seen box art, which is again by John Eaves:

All the above kits are currently available to pre-order on Entertainment Earth: K't'inga class, Oberth and BoP 2-pack, and the USS Kelvin.

To keep track of all the latest model kits and other starship model releases, kit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2018 schedule page.

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