Tuesday 7 January 2014

New Into Darkness behind the scenes video and art

The ILM youtube channel has posted a new behind the scenes video, deconstructing several of the effects from Star Trek Into Darkness. Watch below to get some insight into the mind-boogling number of elements that went into shots including the Nibiru volcano, Enterprise's shuttlebay, warp tunnel, and the Vengeance's crash into San Francisco:
"Star Trek Into Darkness" contains over 1600 visual effects shots, created by Industrial Light & Magic, Pixomondo, Atomic Fiction and Kelvin Optical Inc. In this reel, we'll take a look at ILM's work which encompassed virtually every tool and discipline in our effects arsenal.

UPDATE: ILM have now released a second video, looking at their work on the Nibiru chase sequence:
The opening sequence sequence of "Star Trek into Darkness" is a great example of the varied visual effects challenges faced by ILM: large digital environments (with plenty of organic elements), creatures and digital doubles, animation, ships and a tremendous amount of simulation work (lava, smoke, water, etc.) Here we explore what it took to create the "Red Planet", Nibiru for "Into Darkness".

From earlier in the production, John Eaves has a gallery of concept art on his website. He seems to have mostly worked on equipment designs. Below are some of my favourites, but you can see much more on Eaves' website.

For more concept art and information on effects in Into Darkness, see the "behind the scenes" section of my Into Darkness guide page.

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Eric Tan said...

Interesting to see Johnny Eaves still doing great design work for Trek. If I remember correctly, some of his colleagues from previous Trek projects have been vocal in their hatred of Abrams' version of Trek.

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