Wednesday 15 January 2014

January's retro prints have previewed this months set of TOS retro prints, the eighteenth set form Juan Ortiz. As ever they posted with some commentary on the designs from Ortiz:

The Galileo Seven
It's been compared to an episode of Lost in Space, where the Robinson family encounters a giant cyclops. That's actually because the Star Trek episode brings back memories of the Lost in Space model kit that I had as a kid, which is what the poster is based on.
The Enemy Within
...this image is Russian-inspired. There's not a lot going on in this one. I did mirror the image. But it's the mirrored font that really makes this one unique from the rest.
The Apple
This one started with a full image of Vaal, the snake-headed computer, being fired upon by the Enterprise. But I was also inspired by the word "apple" in the title. So the serpent’s eye represents the snake from the Garden of Eden.
Wolf in the Fold
This one was inspired by the horror movies of the 40's through 60's. I wanted more of a "B" movie feel for it, rather than a very detailed illustration from the Universal movies.
I was careful not to get too graphic with the knife. I made certain there was no blood, but instead placed a red planet behind the female crew-member, to evoke the blood. The mist coming from the knife that turns into a face… that adds a more fantasy element to it.

These designs will be released as the usual posters, as well as printed on T-shirts, and shot glasses (see how they look in those forms after the jump):

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