Monday 13 January 2014

More Attack Wing ships coming

Wizkids have solicited several more waves of individual ship expansions for their Attack Wing game, coming later this year. I previously reported the details up to wave five, the first wave which features three ships rather than four, and is due out in June. Since then Wizkids have solicited a further four waves! Each also featuring three ships, and will be coming out monthly, from July through to October. They are as follows:

Wave six: Soong Borg (aka the odd Borg ship from Descent), USS Enterprise (TOS refit version), and a Dominion battle-cruiser:

Wave seven: A Borg scout cube (the small Borg ship from I, Borg), Enterprise NX-01, and Ni'Var (Vulcan Suurok class):

Wave eight: Borg "Queen Vessel Prime", USS Enterprise-E, and the Val Jean:

Wave nine: Mirror universe Defiant, Chang's Bird of Prey, and the Scimitar:

Images via solicitations, which you can find in full on Universal Distribution. But all thanks and praise to my regular reader and informant on model ships, Darth Duranium, who pointed me towards news of these.

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Unknown said...

The last set is kind of tempting. I'm a bit of a Klingon fan, and a representation of the Scimitar would be nice. Would also be nice to have some more smaller scale ships to display with my MicroMachines Enterprise-D.

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