Friday 17 January 2014

Comics bits: April releases, photo-comics update, and Khan

IDW have released their solicitations for April. There will be just one Star Trek comic that month, part two of the latest story in the nuTrek ongoing series, I, Enterprise, which will be the thirty-second issue of the series. As ever Mike Johnson will be writing, with Erfan Fajar continuing on art and cover duty. Here's how IDW describe the issue:
The concluding chapter of "I, Enterprise"! The flagship of the fleet is now a sentient entity with a mind of its own... and it doesn't take kindly to the biological "invaders" inside its hull! How do Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew fight an enemy upon which their very survival depends?
There will be two covers, Fajar's regular cover featuring 0718, the cyborg crewmember introduced in Into Darkness, and a Tron-style USS Enterprise. The subscription variant cover uses the crashing Enterprise from Into Darkness:

While that's it for April, there is a bit more comics news. Continue after the jump for the latest on John Byrne's photo-comics, and the Khan prequel series:

Responding on his forums to a reader celebrating the recent announcement John Byrne's photo-comics will be an ongoing series, Byrne seems to suggest they might not be quite as regular as the nuTrek series though, stating simply:
I didn't say monthly!
Byrne has also revealed his latest virtual set, for use in a future comic, this one appears to be some sort of computer room:

Byrne has also talked about another trick he has up his sleeve:
I am trying a little something I contemplated a while back. With Chris Ryall's endorsement, I am featuring a "guest star" -- an actor who appeared on STAR TREK before, but in a different role from the one in which I have "cast" him.

In the tradition of Mark Lenard, Morgan Woodward, Diana Muldaur and others.
Finally there's a little news on the nuTrek prequel Khan series. Amazon's listing for the omnibus of the series, which is due in May, now features a cover, which follows the usual pattern of reusing the first issue cover. Meanwhile's Writer's Log feature has got as far as the third issue of the series, where Mike Johnson has talked about things like this:
One of the challenges in filling in the gaps in Khan’s history was to reconcile his story as it was originally developed in the 1960’s with what we know of the 1990’s as we lived them. In “Space Seed” we learn that Khan and his followers departed from Earth on the sleeper ship Botany Bay, an idea that understandably assumes that space travel would be a more widespread and accessible phenomenon thirty years after the original episode appeared. That did not turn out to be the case, unfortunately, so in this series we had to address how Khan could eventually leave the planet. The seed is planted here, as he uses his superior intelligence to develop much more advanced spacecraft than we ultimately had in the “real” 1990’s.

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