Monday 13 January 2014

2015 Star Trek calendars

Amazon has added listings for Universe Publishing's range of Star Trek calendars for 2015. Next year will see the continuation of the four calendars Universe has offered since it took over the calendar range a couple of years ago: Ships of the Line, TOS, the daily, and engagement calendars. All four will be ready for you to plan 2015 from August this year.

Amazon have covers up for each of them, but this early in the year I would suspect they are not the final designs. Certainly not for Ships of the Line, which is using one of the interior images from this year's calendar at the moment:

Amazon's listing also has a back-cover and samples pages, but they are just examples from this year's edition. Doug Drexler has a real sample though, having recently posted a photo of Andrew Probert with his painting featuring the Wolf 359 clean-up (which he started work on way back in 2011!):

UPDATE: Andrew Probert has also posted on his own Facebook page this section of the painting, giving us a nice look at his tug design:

Continue after the jump for a look at the other preliminary cover and sample pages:

There are sample pages and both covers up for the TOS calendar, all in the same style as this year's edition. The front cover here you might notice is an image also used on the presumably not-final back-cover:

The covers and sample pages at present for the daily calendar also follow this year's format, but in red rather than blue:

Finally the engagement calendar is a bit generic at the moment, but they ended up using Juan Ortiz's retro print designs for this year, so hopefully a more interesting set of images will find its way to this one in its final form:

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