Friday 24 January 2014

QMx's Voyager combadge

QMx have added a listing for latest Star Trek prop, the Voyager communicator badge. Like the previous TNG reproduction, they have made the badge look extra shiny with metallic finishes, and added a magnetic clasp to securely hold it in place without pins. Here's what QMx had to say about it:
Our Voyager communicator badge (also seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) was crafted using one of the only remaining sets of original molds, which were painstakingly restored in our artisan model shop. With the restored molds we were able to replicate the prop's size and shape exactly.

To get the colors and paint details, we studied an actual screen-used badge. And once we had the design of the original matched, we took the whole thing a step further – rendering the replica in gold and silver-finished metal (the on-screen props were made of painted resin).

What sets this wearable badge apart from the original is the clasp, which uses strong, short-field magnets that are embedded in the badge itself and in a glossy backplate. No more pinholes in delicate fabric. It can even be worn on leather and suede.
QMx are currently signing up a waiting list for pre-orders; I'd expect it to become available in the next few months. UPDATE: Entertainment Earth have also now listed the badge, and they expect to have it by April.


ety3rd said...


Now give me the admiral's pin from TMP and the uniform pin from TWOK-TUC and I'll be set.

8of5 said...

Well, if you want to splash out on one of Anovos' new uniforms, you'll get the TWOK badge with it!

ety3rd said...

As fantastic as the Anovos stuff is ... that's far, far beyond my means.

8of5 said...

And you get an awful lot of extra fabric if you're only after a badge :P

Unknown said...

I definitely want this. Not because of Voyager, which I've only seen mayne two wpisodes of, but because it's the badge that would be worn on the USS Titan. They also did a framed set of three badges (this, TNG, and Bajoran). I kinda hope they evebtually sell the Bajoran commbadge on it's own. I just recently started watching DS9, and I'm really enjoying the Bajoran characters.

8of5 said...

Given they already did one version of the Bajoran badge, I reckon it's pretty much inevitable they'll give it this sort of treatment too at some point.

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