Tuesday 30 July 2013

New Attack Wing images

Due out next month is Neca's latest Star Trek miniatures game, Attack Wing. The new game utilises the FlightPath maneuver system, a different gaming system to their previous Heroclix releases, which allows you to customise ships in the game with different captain, crew, weapons and more. Attack Wing will be release as a three-ship starter set, with an additional eight ships available as expansion packs at launch. Neca are also now listing a further four expansion packs for release in October - The USS Defiant, a Dominion "patrol ship", Kronos One, and Praetus (which is a 22nd century Romulan bird of Prey in the Tactics game). Neca has released lots of images, showing what will be coming in all the first wave releases. Here are individual items available:

And a look at everything in the starter set:

Here are the eight ships available as expansion packs, the Federation USS Reliant and USS Enterprise, Romulan Valdore and Apnex, Klingon Gr’oth and Negh’var, and the Cardassian Kraxon and Breen Gor Portas representing the Dominion:

Continue after the jump for images of all the cards and other contents from the expansion packs:


Unknown said...

While I have no plans on getting into the game itself, some of these ships look pretty good, and might be worth getting. I kinda wish the Ent-D was available on it's own. Even though I already have three small scale representations of it already...

That said I'm not sure some of these are worth the fourteen bucks they cost. That TOS Enterprise looks great, and would look nice next to the Ent-D, but I'm not sure I'm fourteen bucks interested in it.

Though once I see these things in-person, my mind might change. At least I hope I get a chance to see these in-person.

8of5 said...

I've got the Expeditions game, which as the nuEnterprise and a nuKlingon D7. They're nice little models, surprisingly weighty for something so small.

Dan said...

I've been buying the Heroclix just to get some ships that aren't otherwise available. I end up using them to play "A Call to Arms: Starfleet" rather than use the clix rules generally.

8of5 said...

That's one of the reasons I got Expeditions, the only rendition of the nuD7 so far!

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