Friday 12 July 2013

A better look at this year's Hallmark Keepsakes

This year's Keepsake Christmas tree ornaments should be appearing imminently, so Hallmark have updated their website with much better quality images of the range, which includes three Star Trek designs this year. There is also a fourth release, in the form of a Comic Con exclusive battle damaged variant of the USS Kelvin. In their official announcement of all their Comic Con exclusives this year they have released a much better image of that too, check out the impressive battle damaged paint job:

The Kelvin, without the damage, is also this year's starship ornament, here's a look at her, with and without the light feature activated:

Continue after the jump for a look at this year's figurative designs:

Following on from the last three year's releases of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in the Legends series of figurines, is Scotty:

In a more dramatic setting, Kirk battles the Gorn and an Arena diorama (you can play the soundclip from this decoration if you make your way to Hallmark's listing):

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