Tuesday 23 July 2013

Lots of new Star Trek figures revealed at Comic Con

Several companies revealed new Star Trek action figures and sculptures at this past weekend's San Diego Comic Con. Here's a round up of all the new stuff:

Square Enix will be launching a new line of large-scale high-end action figures, they will be part of their wider Play Arts KAI range, which includes figures from numerous franchises, including Batman and Halo. Their first releases will be Kirk and Spock from nuTrek; they had prototypes of both on display at the Con. Toy News International posted this image of the highly detailed ten-inch figures. For a better look check out Toy News International and ToyArk's galleries.

Kirk prime is also getting the big-figure treatment. A new twelve-inch Captain Kirk figure with a cloth uniform is coming later this year from Moebius. Figures.com posted the follow picture, and they too have a gallery where you can see more images of the captain:

Also going for a retro look are Big Bang Pow! who are the latest company to join the Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory co-branding efforts, with a new range of Mego-style eight inch action figures. The range includes normal attire for most of the Big Bang Theory characters, while the four Big Bang Theory boys will also be available in TOS uniforms:

You can see more of Bif Bang Pow's displays on Action Figure Insider, and Figures.com. Among the other items there is the new TNG bridge bobble heads, with the whole crew revealed in their final form for the first time:

Wesley Crusher was released at the Con, the rest of the crew will be coming out once a month for the next several months. Entertainment Earth currently have listings for Riker, LaForge, and Worf.

Finally Titan Merchandise had their Star Trek Masterpiece Collection busts on display, including a newly revealed addition to the range, Mr Sulu, modelled after his foil wielding appearance in The Naked Time. StarTrek.com posted this image:

That's not quite it, I've already reported on several other figures: The new Skele-Treks figures, new figurines in Hallmark's Keepsakes range, and a new Mimobot character. Cubify also announced new additions to their 3D printed figurine range, which I'll be reporting on separately later.


Unknown said...

It's sad, but I can't honestly say that I'm interested in any of this. I was initially excited to hear about the Play Arts Kai figures, but when I first got a look at them, any excitement I had died. Doesn't help that I'm not a fan of anything they've done before this. They seem to think they need to force this weird stylization onto everything they do. In this case I don't think they even tried to make them look like the actors. They also ruin the sculpts with their articulation. Not to say stuff like this shouldn't have any articulation, but it shouldn't get in the way of how the sculpt looks.

I'm not a big fan of bobble-heads, retro figures, or statues/busts, so that takes care of almost the rest of this stuff.

The big Kirk there actually looks pretty good. The color of the tunic looks a little bright to me, but everything else is spot-on. That said I don't collect figures of this size/scale, and even if I did, I would limit myself to just my absolute favorite characters. Which in the case of TOS, means Bones.

8of5 said...

I generally prefer stylised figures to realistic ones. Makes things a bit more interesting, how many real looking Kirks do we need! I can't say the Play Arts KAI figures are a style I'm especially into, but I'm glad to see some variety in the Star Trek offerings.

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