Monday 15 July 2013

The USS Titan, looking shinier than ever

I'm really hoping we'll get a new view of the USS Titan on a book cover soon. The first book in The Fall series, Revelation and Dust, is a spacey/shipy affair, so I reckon we've got a good chance that the Titan book in that series, The Poisoned Chalice, will feature everyone's favourite Luna class starship. Until then though, modelling master Tobias Richter has been busy making a brand new CGI USS Titan, and gosh does she look good! Titan's designer, Sean Tourangeau, has posted several images of Richter's new model, on his Facebook page, showing her off from all angles:

Tourangeau has also made some wallpapers featuring the new model, you can check those out, along with oddles of other Titan images, on his Facebook page. While you're there, be sure to have a look his Axanar gallery too. Tourangeau has designed the hero ship for the forthcoming fan film, which has also been modeled by Richter. She sort of looks like Titan's grandmother:

You can see some of Tourangeau's design work for Axanar on his Facebook page. Plus check out the Star Trek: Axanar page for a look at the other amazing models Richter has been preparing for the film,.


Unknown said...

The USS Titan looks great. I've only read one of the Titan books so far, but I'm already in-love with the ship and her crew. I would have loved to have seen either a movie or TV series focused on the Titan. Either is still possible, but since I doubt we'll ever see another Prime Universe movie, a show is more likely. Even then they'd have to get on it soon. Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis aren't exactly getting any younger.

Another thing that I would love to see, but doubt will ever happen, is for Diamond Select to release a USS Titan. Would be an absolute must-have for me. Also, while this wouldn't be much different from the Nemesis figure, I would also like to see a Captain Riker figure made.

Anyways...yeah, the new model for the Titan looks great. I'll have to make a desktop background from one of these images.

8of5 said...

I think Titan would be an excellent candidate for an animated series, using the format to show us the strange new worlds and exotic crew, which a live action show could never afford to do. It would also be a good way to have Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Tim Russ involved, as voice actors, which would surely be a draw for long term fans too.

However I doubt a TV series will ever mine the books for inspiration, and I doubt the next TV series, live action or animated will take place in the prime timeline.

And there's no way Diamond will ever do a Titan, they're not even confident enough to do Voyager, a series hero ship! I'm pinning my hopes on the starship collection magazine doing really well and having to find extra ships from obscure corners of the Trekverse to keep going beyond the current planned run.

Unknown said...

An animated series would be good. Wouldn't be the first time for Frakes, who I recently realized did a voice for Gargoyles.

While I'm not expecting a show/movie about the Titan's crew, or a DST model of the ship, I do think there is a chance that we could see another Prime Universe show. It's not as likely as a nuTrek show, but I haven't given up hope...yet.

Yeah, the magazine is our best hope for a model of the USS Titan. Their list of potentials has gotten pretty obscure already, so I'm hoping that they delve into the books for ships.

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