Monday 29 July 2013

TNG Season 4 and Redemption teases

TNG Season Four and the stand-alone release of Redemption are both about to get their bluray releases. To tempt you into a purchase or two, CBS have released a couple of short videos showing some of the features of both. Here's a brief animation demonstrating the front cover flap design for Redemption. It's not quite as fun as the assimilate Picard cover on The Best of Both Worlds, but you still get a bonus picture inside:

And here's an excerpt from the art department round table discussion from the Season Four extra features:

Continue after the jump for TV spots for both releases:


Unknown said...

Whenever people ask me the question: "Which celebrity would you want to have dinner with?" I always name these fine people. I could spend days just listening to them. :)

8of5 said...

I've had cause to contact a couple of them from time to time. Never looses the thrill of talking to people who designed and built the Enterprises!

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