Thursday 18 July 2013

First look at Hallmark's 2014 Keepsakes

The 2013 Keepsakes range has only just been released, but Hallmark are already getting ready for the Christmas after next, previewing their 2014 Keepsakes at the San Diego Comic Con this week. have posted details of the three Star Trek pieces in the range: Following the pattern of the last several years there is a new starship, with light effects, a character diorama, with sound effects, and a single character figurine in their ongoing Star Trek Legends series. 2014's entries will be the USS Vengeance, Spock and the Horta from The Devil in the Dark, and Hikaru Sulu. Hallmark have released images of each; what appear to be mock-ups of two, and a look at the sculpt of Mr Sulu:

If you've not had a look at this year's range yet, check out my recent article, with images of them all.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The Vengeance was predictable, but I am glad to see it. I'll definitely be getting it to go along with the Kelvin I'll be getting this year.

Wasn't expecting a Horta scene ornament. That looks to be a sketch, so I'll reserve my final opinion for later, but as-is the Horta need some work. That said I'll most likely get it no matter how bad it

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