Sunday 23 June 2013

QMx's latest starships

QMx have added product pages for two new starships. What must surely be the most extravagant product based on Star Trek: Enterprise ever, the artisan replica Enterprise NX-01 is on the way. Like QMx's previous artisan starships, the NX-01 comes on a mirrored base giving you a neck-friendly way to examine the details on the underside. The model features over one-hundred-and-fifty LED lights, as well as sound effects which can be played with a variety of sequences such as warp and impulse travel, rotating bussard collectors, and firing weapons. It will also come with a dedication plague with Doug Drexler's signature.

It apparently takes six artisans one-hundred-and-fifteen hours to make each of these models, which can also be customised, should you prefer to add the Columbia to your fleet or such-like (I wonder if they'd go as far as the refit design...). There will be just one-hundred of them made, and one can be yours for just shy of four-thousand dollars (which is actually the cheapest Star Trek starship in the artisan range at the moment). Here are some pictures, you can see more on QMx's website:

At completely the other end of the scale, QMx's other new ship is a new cuddly toy version of the TOS USS Enterprise. Believe it or not this is at least the second plush USS Enterprise, following in the footsteps of the ThinkGeek version. The new QMx take on the idea has much more detailing, check her out:


QMx also released their latest Trekkies comic strip in their most recent email newsletter, it's full of tribbles:

Incidentally, ThinkGeek have out-paced QMx with this too, tribble slippers are real things!


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That is beautiful.

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Awesome model. Perfect.


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