Monday 17 June 2013

Latest Star Trek innovations from DST has announced a new variation of the Diamond Select Toy's Klingon Bird of Prey. Coming as San Diego Comic Con exclusive will be a cloaked version of the ship, made out of clear plastic plastic. Unlike the existing "partially cloaked" variant, this one doesn't include any of the electronics, giving it extra see-throughness. This version also comes with landing gear, which haven't been included before, but are expected with the HMS Bounty variant at some point in the future. There will be just two-hundred of the cloaked version available.


If you'd prefer a transparent Federation ship, the latest DST product to appear on Entertainment Earth might appeal. Expected in December is a TNG silicone ice cube tray. The tray includes combadge and Enterprise-D shaped molds, in two sizes.

Entertainment Earth also added a listing for the Spock bust bank, which they also expect in December. That listing includes the first photo of this Spock-shaped money box, which looks like this:

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