Tuesday 25 June 2013

First look at Kre-O USS Vengeance

Target have added a listing to their website for a new set in the Star Trek Kre-O range, the USS Vengeance. It is currently listed as "unavailable" and "not sold in stores", with no indication of a release date - Hopefully this just means those details haven't been put up yet, rather than this being a lost cancelled set.

It seems like a pretty good representation of the ship, although of course it takes more liberties with the design than the Hot Wheels version, the only other model of the ship at the moment. It appears to be using the same nacelle strut element as the Enterprise set, which make the nacelles a bit close to each other, and it appears to have a cockpit element in the bridge area of the ship to house the crew. The kreon figures included are stow-away Scotty, two generic "specialists", and the "specialist captain" aka Admiral Marcus. Check her out:

We knew Hasbro had plans for additional releases after Into Darkness, I posted images of the first of two planned additional series of the Kreon figures a couple of months ago for instance. But it's great to see that appearing to actually be happening. Playmates also planned to add more toys to their range from the previous film, but cancelled them after their line of toys flopped. Hopefully the Vengeance is the first reveal in a second wave of sets.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I've been able to pass on the large Enteprise, but I might actually get this. It's not accurate, and it won't be in-scale, but I think this would look good fighting my Playmates '09 Enterprise.

That said, I'm REALLY hoping they do a mini Vengeance. I have three of the four they've already done, and just need the Enterprise. This large set I might ultimately pass on, but a mini one would be an absolute must-have.

Kinda makes me wonder if they'll have anything to show off at SDCC. I actually wasn't expecting anything new to be shown for Star Trek when it comes to Hasbro, but maybe...just maybe they'll have a surprise or two for us.

8of5 said...

I'm certainly hoping this is the start of a new wave. I'm a bit tempted by the mini-ships, but so far can't bring myself to buy non-Lego Lego. But if the line is doing well it means real Star Trek Lego might be more likely some where in the distant future!

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