Thursday 6 June 2013

Latest Starships Collection previews

Those busy social media bees at the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection have been posting more images on Facebook; showing off the models coming with the new part work magazine later this year. Here's a photo of the fleet we'll be able to amass by the end of the year, in the first eleven issues:

There are in fact twelve ships in the image, two Excelsior classes. Maybe one is the Enterprise-B? The Excelsior is issue eight, the latest list of issues, which goes up to twenty-three of the seventy planed models, doesn't yet list the Enterprise-B.

They have also previewed the subscription extras: The dedication plague, Enterprise-D refit, and the surprisingly huge light-up Borg Cube:

The collection starts in August, and you far it is possible to subscribe in the UK, Ireland, and the US. Subscriptions should be available in Canada soon too. Eaglemoss are still exploring options for the rest of the world.

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