Monday 17 June 2013

More international variation from the Into Darkness soundtrack, plus limited edition bluray in France

Last week in my round-up of all things relating to the Into Darkness soundtrack I posted details of five different versions of the track from the bar scene in the film - Depending where in the world you see the film, or buy the MP3 version of the soundtrack, you will get different vocals by local artists, over the same backing music. It appears I missed one though, as in addition to the US, UK, Australian, Mexican, and Brazilian variations, there is also a unique take on the track for French audiences. In France you'll hear "[I Wanna] Race With You", by I.V.. Here's what it sounds like:

I think I'll stick with the Mexican version as my favourite. Meanwhile, in other news from France, Into Darkness is now available to pre-order on DVD, bluray, and 3D bluray there from It is also available as the limited edition bluray with the phaser, so far the only country outside the US to offer that. That particular listing is using a poster stand-in for now, but does mention that, in France at least, the deluxe edition will also be coming in steelbook packaging.

One more little Into Darkness bit, check out a video Bad Robot poster on Twitter, showing how their screening room became multiple sets for the filming of various scenes in the film.

For full coverage of every aspect of Into Darkness, check out my Into Darkness guide page.

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