Monday 3 June 2013

Coasters and wine get the retro TOS treatment

The ever expanding range of goodies utilising Juan Ortiz's retro TOS poster designs has expanded once more. If posters, glasses, T-shirts, a diary, or book, just aren't your thing then perhaps you might be tempted by Bif Bang Pow's latest Star Trek innovation, which turns the poster designs into a set of coasters. These are to be released as two sets, with the first pack of forty coming as a convention exclusive from Entertainment Earth. They come in a neat little wooden box with the Enterprise on, and look like this:

If you're in need of something to put on your coasters then the retro designs might come in handy again! Votto Vines are offering the first ever* licensed Star Trek wine, which will be available in a couple of months from Vinport. There are three designs using the posters for "The City on the Edge of Forever", "Mirror, Mirror", and "The Trouble with Tribbles". All three are available for pre-order, either individually, or in mixed sets of three, six, or twelve. The wine itself is the same for each design, which they describe as follows:
The wine used in this collection is produced from the award-winning Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California. It is a special blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Dolcetto, Tinta Cao, and Tempranillo. The blend comes together to create a medium-bodied, easy drinking red wine that is full of depth and character.

UPDATE: *In fact, it seems these are, at least, the second Star Trek wines; as Star Trek author Allyn Gibson, informed me on Twitter, there was previously a line of Star Trek wine made by Woodbridge, for the no longer existent Star Trek Experience, in Las Vegas. The Deep Space Wine collection (really), included Klingon Bloodwine!

Which neatly lets me segue into mentioning that whether you drink Trekified wine, or more terrestrial varieties, you can always make use of the Klingon Bird of Prey cork screw!

In other Star Trek/wine related curiosities, another of my Twitter correspondents, loghaD, pointed me towards a rather strange video featuring Casey Biggs, aka Damar, talking at length about wine!

Back in the realm of the retro prints series, given we're at the start of a new month, we should expect to see the latest batch of new designs, coming as posters, glasses, and T-shirts, any day now.

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