Tuesday 4 June 2013

Latest Star Trek models from Round 2, and the Starships Collection

Round 2 Models were showing off many of their new Star Trek model kits at Wonderfest recently, and fortunately CultTVman was on hand to record what they previewed.

UPDATE: The writer of CultTVMan has expressed irritation at my sharing his images without seeking his permission before hand, so I have removed them at his request. If you would like to see the latest Round 2 Models please see his articles with photos of the ships which were on display, and a separate article with the bridge model kit.

My summary of the model kits on display, as reported by CultTVMan:
You can see photos of the Round 2 display on CultTVMan - See separate articles for the ships, and the bridge.

Meanwhile, if you don't like building your models, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection has been posting images of more of their ships on their Facebook page. Here are their USS Excelsior, and (out of focus) Borg Sphere:

UPDATE: A bit more news from the Starships Collection, they have announced they will be launching in Canada as well as the US, UK, and Ireland. They are looking to launch in other parts of Europe and Australia some time next year.



Unknown said...

So disappointed with the EagleMoss Excelsior....comparing it to the detail on the galaxy class model I got as part of the preview set (which has incredible detail for a model its size) its just miles off, looks like the hot wheels version with dodgy paint and horrible metre wide panel lines....hope its not the quality they are going for with all their models

8of5 said...

Excelsior looks lovely to me. It's the blobs of green on the sphere I'm more worried about!

Steve Iverson said...

I would appreciate if you would at least ask before you completely take material from my website.

Steve Iverson

8of5 said...

My apologies Steve, I tried to use the minimum number of images possible to get the points across while refer people back to your site to see more. Would you like me to take any/all down?

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