Saturday 20 October 2018

Eaglemoss reveal more XL ships, bonus issues, and more!

At the Destination Star Trek convention Eaglemoss have announced a whole host of new ships in The Official Starships Collection, and released lots of new images online too. Continue below for all the latest.

First up we've got our first look at the rather splendid XL edition of the Discovery USS Enterprise (images posted on the Hero Collector blog):

This is the first of a five ship extension to the XL series, which will continue with the Akira class USS Thunderchild (very exciting!), Klingon Bird of Prey, Danube class runabout, and Excelsior class USS Excelsior. Hopefully more will follow, as I am very keen on an XL Romulan warbird!

The Eaglemoss' panel at the convention also revealed several new specials in the works. As relayed by Michael Curran of the Hero Collector Star Trek Fan Group on Facebook, following the forthcoming Earth Spacedock we can look forward to V'Ger, the Doomsday Machine, and the Scimitar as specials 16, 17, 18, plus Regula I as the next station (issue number not established yet for that one).

We also got one further regular issue announced (again reported by Mr Curran), Voyager's Nightingale, from the episode of the same name - An odd choice considering that ship is basically a repaint of the already released Federation attack fighter.

Beyond that the collection's manager Ben Robinson apparently confirmed the Son'a ships from Insurrection will be rebuilt (as the original CG files are lost), with releases expected over the coming eighteen months - An interesting timescale, as the series' current 160 issue confirmed run will run out in less than a year; so hopefully that confirms an extension will happen!

Eaglemoss have also previewed the next two bonus issue releases, the USS Enterprise-F from Star Trek Online, and the USS Bonaventure from the 2006 Ships of the Line calendar (I remain amazed this design, lovely as it is, gets a release above numerous more prominent non-canon ships!). Check them out:

We also have news of another bonus issue on the horizon, the USS Emmet Till (again reported by Mr Curran) - The who-what-now you say? Well this is apparently Ezri's new ship from a fantasy DS9 season 8, in a segment in the What You Leave Behind documentary. The ship, designed by John Eaves no less, was just announced at Destination Star Trek (image via TrekMovie):

The What You Leave Behind Twitter also shared this video introduction to the ship:

Finally, in other news from the collection, the US webshop now has a listing up for the forthcoming Kelvin timeline shuttle set, meaning more pictures of the ships, and their little schematic panels. Plus a 360 video too!

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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