Thursday 24 May 2018

Eaglemoss starships previews and updates

Lots of new pictures of from Eaglemoss' Official Starships Collection today, including regular issues, specials, and hints at future bonus issues. Continue below to check them all out.

First up, thanks to the Hero Collector blog, we have our first look at issue 130, the Borg Probe. Which being a Borg ship is perhaps not the most exciting model in the collection, but I'm glad to flesh out the Borg fleet to near completion (just missing are, weirdly, the iconic Borg Cube, and the Borg scout seen crashed in I, Borg). This ship only appeared fleetingly in Voyager's Dark Frontier, although if you ever played the video game Star Trek: Armada you'll know it well as the Borg Interceptor. This issue should be arriving in the UK first, in August, with the US release following in September, and other territories when the series gets that far!

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Before that we have the 23rd century Tholian starship, based on the the design used in the remastered edition of The Tholian Web, which itself takes some circular inspiration to the 22nd century design seen in Enterprise. I kind of like the clean simplicity of the original miniature, but wow this model looks much nicer than i was expecting; rendered in gleaming silver it manages to maintain some of that classic simplicity, while embracing its redesign.

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We've also got some new images of earlier issues. Issue 128, is the future space shuttle OV-165, from Enterprise's opening titles, which has some really nice printing giving it a detailed finish as you can see in these new images:

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And before that we have another TOS-remastered ship, which is a more dramatic departure from the original miniature, giving us some welcome variation in starship configuration, the Eymorg starship:

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Meanwhile the latest ship to become available on the Eaglemoss online shop is the Romulan science vessel, issue 123, which was first released last month. The new listing includes several new photos of the model:

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The latest special issue, the Kelvin timeline Klingon battle cruiser has made it's way to the US Eaglemoss shop, and has lots of new images too (revealing a more interesting paint scheme than previous images showed), plus a 360 video preview:

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The battle cruiser, with a little lift brought to it thanks to some editing, is also the subject of a banner used on the Eaglemoss shop site, as is the preceding special the refit Kelvin timeline Enterprise:

Finally, series manager Ben Robinson has also been hinting of further bonus issues to come, coyly asking on Twitter if we'd like to see a model of Matt Jefferies' original TOS Klingon battle cruiser concept, or his shuttlecraft. Do let him know if you'd like to see those!

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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Unknown said...

Damn Borg probe looks poorly detailed compare to magazine picture
I hope we will have a nice Starbase soon

Cube said...

I'll definitely be picking up the OV-165 when I see it in a shop.

Fox said...

Yeah, the OV-165 looks fantastic. Definitely the prettiest ship of this lost, by a far margin.

Though I'm also loving the Klingon Battlecruiser. I'm really not very fond of the ship design in nuTrek, bu this beauty is the *one* exception. It looks like a logical evolution of the Klingon designs from Enterprise (though maybe a bit too greebly) and I could totally buy it as a precursor to the K'Tinga. Not sure if I'll buy it, though. Eaglemoss' QA is spotty at best, and for that much money I could buy another Art Asylum Bird of Prey which would look much more impressive on top of my bookcases.

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