Monday 22 October 2018

Eaglemoss' next Discovery ships, and other Starships updates

Lots more Eaglemoss today, with the latest few Discovery ships just the highlight of ever more Starships Collection news coming out of Destination Star Trek. Continue below for all that's new.

So first up the next few issues of the Discovery collection have been announced, with images released via the Hero Collector blog. Going furthest into the future first, issue #10, which should arrive around January, will be the fantastically purple Klingon Qoj class - So far I'm finding the Klingon ships, so packed with detail and interesting design choice, to be the highlights of this series, and this seems to be no exception!

Starfleet ships come at least every other issue, and for issue #9 we get the Malachowski class USS Clarke, a rather Reliant-esque design. Alas this is one design I find a bit plain, and would have been very content with it being at the smaller classic Starships Collection size!

In contrast the Klingon Qugh class is anything but plain! We already knew this would be issue #8, and now we have a few more images, with one coming from the recent UK webshop listing too.

Also freshly listed on the UK webshop is the USS Buran, issue #7, with lots of new images of this design:

And we also have news of the first Discovery special, with the Klingon Sarcophagus ship confirmed to be coming first, pretty much as expected. The ISS Charon and Federation space station have also previously been suggested as being in the works as specials.

Meanwhile the Discovery USS Enterprise is already on the way as a bigger issue, as part of the general XL range. There is a listing for this too on the UK webshop, giving us more images of a great looking model:

We also have a huge amount of news from Destination Star Trek thanks to Dave Combe of the Hero Collector Star Trek Fan Group on Facebook, who quizzed Eaglemoss' Ben Robinson on a great many things! You can read the full Q and A in the group, but some of the highlights include:
  • The Disco-Enterprise will also get a regular Discovery sized release as part of the main series at a later date.
  • Ben has twelve shuttles in mind for possible further shuttle sets!
  • Obscure and non-canon ships:
    • Kelvin timeline Starfleet ships are waiting on assets coming from ILM.
    • More Star Trek Online ships are possible and indeed likely.
    • Real world spacecraft (referenced in Star Trek) are under consideration.
    • Non-remastered versions of some TOS ships might be possible; the original Tholian ship was highlighted as "something [Ben] feel[s they] should really do".
    • TAS ships still being considered.
    • Franz Joseph and FASA designs in limbo due to legal issues CBS are working on.
  • Regarding recent erroneously detailed models: The Kobayashi Maru was based on a concept model because that was what ILM supplied to Eaglemoss (and I guess no one questioned it...), and the slightly off details of the XL USS Enterprise-A was due to "some confusion in [their] reference [material]".
  • Eaglemoss are looking at selling shelving for the collection, they currently have something that is expensive but cool, and are looking to make it more reasonable cost-wise.
Dave Combe also ran through a massive check list of ships with Ben, to see if they have a place in the collection. Most answers were maybes, with a few probably nots, and just a handful of outright nos. A few ships were confirmed or noted as especially likely though: 
  • The Jem'Hadar Battleship and the Sarajevo are for sure
  • Should the collection continue past 160 issues, things look good for the Talarian warship and Tarellian plague ship.
  • A number of possible concept art bonus issues were noted as very likely: The holoship, vertical Romulan warbird, and USS Valiant Defiant concept. 
  • A separating Enterprise-D is "probably happening".
  • Quite a few smaller ships and probes were ruled out as regular issues but noted as possibles for future shuttle/probe packs.
See the full list in the Hero Collector Star Trek Fan Group.

Now, talking of bonus issues, the latest two can now be found on the UK Eaglemoss webshop, with new pictures of course. Here's the USS Bonaventure:

And the USS Enterprise-F:

And also new online, the inevitable Klingon Bird of Prey set, with all three wing positions!

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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