Thursday 6 February 2020

Valentines fashion from Gold Bubble Clothing

Gold Bubble Clothing have launched a new range of Valentine's themed fashion, including cute tribble designs to warm your heart. Continue below to check them out:

They have a tribble heart available as either a cropped hoodie, or T-shirt:

And quoting Cyrano Jones another tribble design sees a heart gift box full of tribbles (presumably having eaten the original chocolate content! This is available as a T-shirt too:

Two other designs feature prominent Star Trek couples: Stamets and Culber from Discovery, and Riker and Troi from TNG. These follow a similarly designed Motion Picture Kirk and Spock T-shirt released last year.

The Star Trek Shop also has a Valentine's collection. There's a design playing on No. 1 the dog from Picard:

And a new Spock quote variant design:

Other designs have been released in some for or other previously, but this year are now offered as mugs too, some of them in quite fetching two-tone presentations:

Don't forget there's also a special Star Trek Valentine's comic coming from IDW this year too!

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