Saturday 8 February 2020

Stunning vistas from Picard concept art

Star Trek: Picard concept artist Laurent Ben-Mimoun has added a sample of his work from the series to his website. Giving us a look at how the series was imagined.

Beware spoilers if you continue below, there are some unfamiliar scenes here which could either be from something we've not go to in the series yet, or maybe an alternate take on what eventually made it to screen.

First up what I imagine to be views of Mars, not so far away from what we did see in the series already:

But then it gets interesting, as a distinctly Picard-esque head appears to be watching as ships head towards and attacking the same circular site. Is this an alternate course events from the same attack we've seen? The ships also look quite Romulanly, but then I think you could say that of the Synth ships seen in the series too.

Picard(?) appears to be climbing a rope in the above image, and is also in the one below, while another person dangles beneath him, and interestly this image is presented in both a Mars red option or a more snowy looking terrain, which can also be seen in a wider landscape image:

There are also a couple of images of a more jungle looking planet, unlike anything we've seen in the series so far:

More familiar in theme, if not the look of anything seen so far, is a Synth factory or lab. Figures in the same white uniforms can also be seen inside one of the could-be-Mars buildings above, and it's red through the window. So I would assume this to be from the same alternate attack sequence.

While looking over a greener world, this orbital shot reminds me of the Mars orbital defense platforms also seen in the Mars attack on-screen. The ship is rather alien though, and there appears to be some sort of shield around the planet too. So maybe this is something completely different:

And finally what appears to be Picard giving a lecture on Data and/or his time on the Enterprise. I could easily imagine this being a different take on showing us retired Picard.

It will be interesting to see if any of these visuals do show up later in the series, or if these are all could-have-been from the first few episodes we've seen already.

Make sure to check out Laurent Ben-Mimoun's website for a whole load of cool artwork from much more than Picard, he's also worked on numerous other sci-fi and fantasy properties, including several Marvel films, and Lord of the Rings.

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