Wednesday 12 February 2020

Picard inspired fashion, including fun new sublimated T-shirts

Several Star Trek clothing licensees have begun producing new Picard inspired designs, continue below to check out some of the more fun new additions to the Star Trek wardrobe.

Trevco are one of the most prolific makers of Star Trek T-shirts and other apparel, so they've of course come up with range to celebrate the launch of the new series. One of highlights of their offering is the use of sublimation printing, to create impactful full-coverage prints, and they've used the Picard posters to do just that. These and the other Trevco designs are available in a wide range of different T-shirts, vests, jumpers, and hoodies:

A playful design rearranges the Captain Picard Day banner into a fun wearable form:

And then there's a whole load of much more generic stuff featuring the Picard poster, the Picard logo, Picard and No 1, and the La Sirena emblem.

They've also launched a new range of TNG designs with a heavy Picard focus, including another sublimation design featuring Locutus:

The other designs are fairly fun too, a rainbow backed Picard quote, a Make It So design, and Picard branded tea:

Hero Within have expanded their own Picard range with a couple of new releases recently. At the more subtle end, they have a uniform inspired long sleeve T-shirt, which has a delta on the breast, and rank pips on the collar:

And then there's a Daystrom Institute T-shirt too:

The Star Trek Shop are among the most active makes of Picard stuff, with products ranging much wider than clothes. They have a seemingly endless supply of things they can brand with Chateau Picard, and so much No 1 stuff too. Some of their more recent offerings including many more items with the La Sirena emblem, the Daystrom Institute logo, and Picard's new version of his Earl Grey order:

They've also got a nice quote shirt with Rios' ENH's tribute to the Federation legend:

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