Tuesday 12 February 2019

Valentines Star Trek style: Romantic Trek-shirts from Fifth Sun, and new Star Trek jewellery

Are you in the mood for love? Continue below for some Trek-inspired Valentines fashion!

Fifth Sun have released a big range of Valentine's themed Star Trek T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies, with playful takes on Trek tropes, and a lot of hearts!

My favourite appears to have taken inspiration from ThinkGeek's Valentine's tribble of a few years ago, with an added punny caption! This and most of the designs below are available on multiple clothing types to suit different preferences and bodies.

There are two different designs featuring love heart candies:

Then on a similar theme there's this stunning phaser:

A more simple message comes on this "be my valentine" design, Trek-ified with an A substituted for a Starfleet delta:

Another two designs feature that classic romantic moto "resistance is futile", afterall what could be sweeter than a linking minds in a collective consciousness? There's a photographic or cartoon version of Locutus, both on a heart background of course.

There's a genuinely sweet message from Spock on another design:

And then for more cynical lovers, both Spock and Tuvok question the logic of love:

Sticking with the Vulcan theme, for an ideal romantic gift, or dressing up for a date, check out these innovative Vulcan ear cuffs from Bioworld!

Or just marginally less conspicuous, a fancy Star Trek watch from Bradford Exchange?

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