Sunday 23 February 2020

Discovery behind the scenes: ships, Ba'ul, and more

A round up of a few recent Discovery behind the scenes bits and pieces today, including a look at several of the ship models from early in the series, a gooey look at the Ba'ul, and even a little something from season 3. Continue below to check it all out:

VFX artist Hamza Butt has shared some of his work modelling several ships from season one on his website. Butt worked remotely from most of the production, modelling ships in the UK from concept art he was sent. The most obscure of those is the escape pod from the USS Europa, which looked like this at concept:

And Butt turned into this (with textures still to come of course:

Butt's other credit's are much more familiar ships; the Klingon Sarcophagus ship, and the Klingon Bird of Prey. He's got great galleries up for each, giving a good look at the details of both models, and a particularly generous and close up look at the Bird of Prey. Here's a few highlights:

Looking back to the second season, writer Bo Yeon Kim recently tweeted the following image of actor Javier Botet as the Ba'ul, from The Sound of Thunder, seen here with director Doug Aarniokoski. Kim explained the situation on set at the time:
We had to turn off the AC in the sound stages and warm up the black goop so that Javier could stay covered in it. 

Here's another look at that moment care of make-up artist Anita Guastella, who caught this moment of head of make-up Shauna Llewellyn applying a bit more of that goop:

Bo Yeon Kim also previously shared this piece of concept art from the same episode:

Also from season two is this selfie by VFX Supervisor Ante Dekovic, who noted in his Instagram post that "270 degrees of the set is green screen":

And finally for this round-up here's a much more recent image, of actor David Ajala, aka new character Cleveland "Book" Booker, wrapping his work on season 3:

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