Friday 14 February 2020

Picard: The Last Best Hope previews, and other novel updates

Out this week is the first Picard novel, Una McCormack's The Last Best Hope, the first hardcover Star Trek novel in years, and a prequel to the TV series, setting up the entire Romulan evacuation history. Continue below for a look at some preview from the book, and some audiobook updates.

So first up, the back cover reveals different copy to that which has been online a while (which appears on the inside cover), the back is a quote from early in the book, and sets it up nicely:

If you want to dive inside, you can have a look through the first chapter and a bit via the Kindle preview below:

Like all Star Trek novels of late, the book has been simultaneously released as an audiobook, available as a download or CD. Regular Star Trek audiobook reader Robert Petkoff is on the case again for this book, and Simon and Schuster audio have released a little introduction video for the book from him:

Here's the audiobook cover, which is a slightly different crop the print version:

In one other audiobook update today, here's the super nice cover for Christopher L. Bennett's The Motion Picture era TOS novel, The Higher Frontier, which makes use of the square audiobook cover format to give us a delightful expanded version of the print book's already stunning cover. This is the next Trek book out, due next month.

To keep track of all the latest releases, hit the books or prose buttons on my 2020 schedule page. You can also find series reading lists and author bibliographies on my dedicated Star Trek lists site.

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Fox said...

I'd love to see how they try and reconcile the horrifically unethical creation of a slave race in this backstory. And make Picard's retirement somehow fit in with his character from TNG.

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