Wednesday 12 February 2020

New Star Trek model trains coming from Lionel

Model train makers Lionel are launching a new collection of Star Trek trains. With initial items based on TNG and TOS, they will be offering a complete train set, novelty Star Trek themed goods wagons, and character inspired boxcars, all in the O gauge. Continue below to check them out:

The major release at the center of the collection if the TNG themed Star Trek Lionchief Set, which includes a USS Enterprise-D inspired diesel locomotive (with working lights), and three cars, each representing a location on the ship; sickbay, Ten Forward, and holodeck 03. The latter features a train simulation on the holodeck, which when used on the included powered track animates the train moving around the car, and has interior illumination too! The set comes with a loop of track, power supply, and a remote control.

Sold seperately are several additional cars, which could be hooked onto this train, or any other compatible set-up. My favourites are the quasi-realistic freight loads.

There's a tribble transport car, with prints to give the impression of an open sided car full of tribbles, held back by the classic TOS-style circle mesh. The case is labeled as a "specimen containment unit".

And then there's the Romulan Ale tank car, which has a blue liquid held within it, and is stamped with a Federation "confiscated" banner.

The other two cars are character themed boxcars, each decorated with era themed computer graphics, giving details of a captain and their ship. Available are either Kirk and the Enterprise, or Picard and the Enterprise-D:

The whole range is due out later this year, estimated for third quarter release.

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