Thursday 19 July 2018

Anovos reveal Discovery USS Enterprise model

Anovos has revealed the third ship in their new range of "studio scale" Discovery starship models, the USS Enterprise - This follows the previously announced USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery. All are created referencing original studio assets of course.

The new look Enterprise is made from polymer resin with steel reinforcement and measures 35 inches long, 16 wide, and 8 tall. 180 LEDs are used to light the model, which includes impulse engines, warp nacelles, formation and anti-collision lights, and windows, including of course the new bridge and mid-saucer windows.

Like the other model in the series, there are some interactive features, with movable and removable sections on this ship being the deflector dish, which can be pulled forward to reveal the internal deflector systems, and the nacelle caps, which can taken off the show the interior workings.

Continue below to check out lots of images of the model (the prototype mind you, subject to change):

Here are a few detailed shows, including a look at those interactive features, and all the lovely intricate lighting:

The ship comes with a Starfleet delta display stand, and separate display plaque with details of the ship. The whole assembly will set you back a mere $9000 and, is available to pre-order from Anovos now (and you can see even more photos on their listing!). They plan to release three waves, with the first patch of pre-orders expected to ship in spring 2019.

The model is also on display at the San Diego Comic Con this week, where the official Star Trek Twitter took this photos, including a really nice close-up of the saucer showing off the aztecing.


Unknown said...

Incredible, very detailed !
and no window misalignment :p

Shadowknight1 said...

Yeah, no window misalignment, but also has droopy nacelles. Same problem that plagued QMx's KT Enterprise.

Greg said...

I love it!!

They have gotten it right!!!

Jason1701x said...

Why is this model so damn expensive is it made of gold or what..CBS thinks all its fans are rich or what my god

Marko N. said...

Did anyone ever get any of the $9000-$18000 (USS Vengeance) models from Anovo made?

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