Friday 13 July 2018

More Eaglemoss Star Trek busts revealed

While ramping up attention for product reveals at the San Diego Comic Con, Eaglemoss have released the first images of several issues in their forthcoming The Official Star Trek Busts Collection. Four characters have so far been revealed, with TNG's Worf busting out of his podium with bat'leth in hands, joined by a more inquisitive Data, and a relatively friendly looking Spock. These will also follow the previously announced Captain Kirk, which will kick off the series. Continue below to check them all out.

While not exactly diving into super obscure characters in these early issues, it's nice to see a new Star Trek character-based range that isn't wholly fixated on captains early on! Like the Starships Collection, each bust will come with a magazine, which will hopefully give Eaglemoss the chance to dive into character, costume, and prop design in the same superb way its explored starship design. Here's the blurb for the series:
This new collection features the iconic captains of Starfleet and other memorable characters from over 50 years of Star Trek TV and movie history, capturing them in impressive detail with highly accurate likenesses, uniforms and props. These hand-painted polyresin busts are 4.5 to 6” tall, come complete with a fact-filled magazine, and form an essential addition to any Star Trek collection.

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