Tuesday 24 July 2018

Discovery mirror universe exhibition from the San Diego Comic Con

At the past weekend's San Diego Comic Con CBS put on an exhibition of costumes, props, and concept art from Discovery's mirror universe episodes. If you weren't able to visit, let's take a virtual tour:

First up, full photo credit to the teams from Figures.com, IGN, StarTrek,com, TrekMovie, and TrekCore, plus Carolyn Hinds and Brad Gullickson, who visited and photographed the exhibit. I've tried to give a taste of everything on show, picking examples from their images, but you can see a lot more at all those sites; and especially if you're a cosplayer their galleries will be a great reference resource! So go give them all a visit!

The main things on display were the mirror universe uniforms, in all their ornate over-the-top glory. And it doesn't get any showier than Emperor Georgiou's extremely gold attire:

The Emperor's props were also the subject a display all of their own, with the text of her grand introduction on the base. An imperial guard truncheon also manages to sneak in here. My favourite among these is the incredibly detailed dragon-motif throwing disc!

A separate display case featured the more everyday weaponry of the empire; phasers, daggers, and agonisers:

And another case was dedicated purely to the numerous insignia worn my Terran officers, which were of course pinned onto many of the costumes on show too:

Lots of variations of Terrna uniforms were represented, including those for Michael Burnham, Captain Lorca, Captain Killy, Stamets, Detmer, and Tyler.

The rebels were also represented, by Sarek and Shukar:

And georgiou got a second showing, for her more modest undercover outfit from the end of the final episode:

In addition to the costumes and props, there was also a whole load of concept art on display.

This set is particularly nice, illustrating the attack on the ISS Charon stage by stage:

The rebels again get a little attention too:

On top of the art, there were also some information panels on the ships. These include the amazing fact that spore drive allows travel at approximately warp 1431! Cait Petrakovitz shared these nice clear images of the panels on Twitter.

The exhibition also included an interactive photo opp, allowing attendees to pose in the Emperor's throne.

Which the cast of course did when they visited (as photographed by the Star Trek Twitter)

There were some giveaways too, including a mini QMx admiral's insignia badge, and a Discovery poster:

There were even special fortune cookies, full of Discovery quotes. (Images via John Van Citters and Stephen Sandoval)

And of course there was a gift shop, full of Discovery and mirror universe inspired T-shirts. But this was also an exhibition space in itself, with the walls lined with J.K. Woodward's art for the TNG mirror universe comic Mirror Broken!

Also revealed here for the first time are two new Star Trek dresses from Gold Bubble Clothing. One appears to be based on the Discovery opening titles, and the other is mirror universe uniform inspired - Specifically Emperor Georgiou, in fact the dress is called "The Emperor". They should be going up on Gold Bubbles' webstore in the next few weeks apparently (Images from Figures.com, designer Victoria Schmidt, and Star Trek Twitter)

Anywho, to check out more from the mirror universe exhibit, go and check out all those galleries at Figures.comIGNStarTrek,comTrekMovie, and TrekCore!

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