Friday 13 July 2018

Star Trek Fluxx revealed

Looney Labs have revealed their first Star Trek editions of their game Fluxx, so named because the cards drawn and played in the game keep the end goal forever in flux. Two Star Trek games are being released in August, one based on TOS, and the other on TNG, plus an expansion to facilitate both editions being played mixed together. Continue below to check them all out:

We'll start with the TNG edition (because I like the cover more!). Here's the box:

And here's an idea of some of the ideas you'll find within:
Beam yourself aboard the Enterprise-D for a game of Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx! Join Picard, Riker, Data, and the rest of the TNG crew, to gather the Keepers you need for victory – but don't let Creepers like Q or the Borg keep you from your mission! With new cards like Darmok and the Rule of Acquisition, this version of Fluxx will take you into the 24th Century!

The back cover art gives a nice summary of how game play works:

And here's the TOS edition:

Set a course for the final frontier with Star Trek Fluxx! Featuring Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the rest of the original series crew, you’ll take command of the Enterprise, and face Creepers like Klingons, Romulans, and the terrifying Doomsday Machine. You might even find yourself playing Fizzbin or Venting the Warp Core to explore new worlds and collect the Keepers needed for victory! Star Trek Fluxx will take you where no card game has gone before!

To let the two Star Trek games play together smoothly, they are also going to release the Bridge Expansion, a foil-pack with a few extra era-spanning cards:
Want to shuffle your Star Trek Fluxx together with your Star Trek: TNG Fluxx? Great! We designed them to be combined! And the 12 Bridge Pack expansion cards make it even better. The Bridge Keeper lets you take control of either Enterprise, and a host of new Goals let Kirk meet Picard, Spock meet Data, and the Past meet the Future!

All three releases are expected to arrive in August, and are available to pre-order on Amazon, or direct from Looney Labs.

To keep up to date with all the latest Star Trek games releases, click the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab at the top of my 2018 schedule page.

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A Time Lord said...

The Borg cube on the box is the Eaglemoss light-up model isn't it?

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