Monday 12 February 2018

Anovos reveals high-end Discovery starship models

Anovos have revealed details of the most elaborate Discovery tie-ins yets, two large filming miniature style replicas of the USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery. Anovos appear to have taken the reins from QMx's previous artisan replica line, with this similar offering of large detailed starships models, with lighting and some internal sets. Continue below to check out all those details.

The USS Shenzhou is the smaller and cheaper of the two models, measuring 26.6" x 16.4" x 4.6", it will set you back a mere $8000. The model features 160 LED lights which illuminate the impulse engines, warp nacelles, deflector dish formation lights, and anti-collision lights, as well as the bridge dome, and the shuttlebay, which itself has a detailed interior and a good complement of shuttlecraft! Anovos also promise the model will feature "removable panels, exposing engineering elements" which for this ship appears to be a room behind the deflector dish (you can see it with the removed panel in one of the photos below).

The USS Discovery is a little larger, at 36.9" x 15.2" x 3.6", and the price reflects this, coming in at $9000. This ship features 180 LED lights, and it's break away section is the top of one of the nacelles, revealing the warp-coils inside.

Both ships come with Discovery-style delta display stands made from aluminum and steel, and include separate display plaque featuring starship's name and registry.

Naturally they have both been built using the original CGI files from the show. The bodies are made from polymer resin, with steel reinforcement, using a mixture of molded and 3D printed parts. These are finished off with hand-painted details using automotive-grade paints.

For transport I assume, the nacelles of both ships are removable, and held in place with neodymium magnets and electronic pin connections.

Each ship will be offered in three waves of limited pre-orders (though they don't say how limited). The first wave is expected to ship in May/June, the second in October/November, and the final will arrive in January 2019. After this period they will then be marked as sold out and Anovos have no plans for additional waves at the moment - But come on, surely they have to do an even higher end version of the Discovery with motorised spinning saucer sections!

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