Saturday 23 September 2017

Hallmark reveals USS Discovery ornament for 2018, and other new decorations

Hallmark's latest PopMinded video has revealed their 2018 Star Trek starship Keepsake ornament, the USS Discovery. The video includes several views of a rendering of the ship; which you can see below, along with other Hallmark Star Trek updates.

Here's the full original video, which also previews some of the current Star Trek range.

Joining the Discovery next year will be a diorama decoration, featuring TOS Sulu and Kirk, based on the episode The Naked Time. TrekCore got this shot of a mock-up of it at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention last month.

Meanwhile this year there's a surprise extra ornament from Hallmark, a stylised Spock figurine, which Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments reports is a Walmart exclusive.

This month also saw the release of the latest itty bittys set, the Picard and Worf with USS Enterprise-D. Here are some of the latest images:

Who themselves were preceded by the Data and Geordi releases last month:

For a look back at all the previous Star Trek Hallmark Keepsakes, see my Trek Collective list.

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Fox said...

Oh, God. It's so ugly.

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