Wednesday 27 September 2017

Discovery trailer reveals new Klingon encounters, mysteries, and monsters!

Here's a new trailer for Discovery, which oddly I can't find on any official channels, but it was uploaded by YouTuber Shane Carles as "Season Premiere Ending Trailer", so I assume it aired after the first episode was shown on CBS in the states. For the rest world therefore, this might be new, and gosh it's full of good stuff! - Really setting up some mystery on the Discovery, and giving us a taste of lots to come. Check it out:

UPDATE: CBS have now released an official version (which is also on Netflix's Twitter for those outside the US).

As ever, here's the screencap breakdown. Be aware, there are some potentially very spoilery details when you look closely. So let's start with that rather wonderful shuttlebay on the Discovery:

Onto which Burnham is brought. She doesn't seem popular with her shuttlemates, and ends up in a fight with them...

Also not popular with the admiralty, but Captain Lorca knows what he's up to (we hope).

The same Starfleet leader then has some sort of meeting with the Klingons? And she seems to end up fighting L'Rell (but that is so blurry a shot it's not worth screencapping).

Meanwhile Burnham ends up back on the Sarcophagus ship (or another use of that set), and finds herself in battle with Kol of the House of Kor; T'Kuvma's major doubter.

Note Kol is wearing a Starfleet insignia...

Is that how Burnham gets this back?

Someone else fighting Klingons, Ash Tyler, who we know is a prisoner of war.

Maybe rescued by Burnham?

Someone else in need of rescuing here. Blink and you miss it, but that's Captain lorca held captive by T'Rell!

Elsewhere, the forest planet we saw in a previous trailer apparently provokes people to run away from something!

Speaking of running; all those people running around in dark corridors in previously trailers are presumably avoiding this large creature...

And then we have Harry Mudd, who with just a couple of lines of dialogue here is quite captivating; I'm very excited to meet this iteration of him.

Some more of Captain Lorca

And his curious room of things...

Is he keeping a being of some sort in there??

Something related to the sparkes flying around Burnham in that engineering chamber maybe?

And finally, Discovery, in all her glory:

But are her days numbered already? Big explosions follow these shots!

Star Trek: Discovery will continue weekly, and it will be distributed almost everywhere in the world on Netflix, except for the US where is will be available on CBS All Access, and Canada where it will be on Bell Media channels and services. To keep track of all the latest details from the new show, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page.


Unknown said...

Sadly, the video has regional blockage.

Matt Gilbert said...

So glad this site is back! I'd love to see what you think of the Graphic Novel Collection.

This trailer ran just after episode 2 on CBS All Access. There's also a short sneak preview of episode 3 in the After Trek episode where Burnham is brought to Discovery's engineering(?) section.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd died!! Where did you go?

Matt Gilbert said...

The sneak peek of episode 3 I mentioned.

Fox said...

Definitely looks better than the first two episodes. Much more Fuller-esque, especially that scene in Engineering. Color me optimistic.

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