Monday 25 September 2017

Gorgeous Vulcan scenic artwork from the TOS movies

Movie collectables sellers Prop Store have an ongoing stream of bits and pieces of Star Trek stuff from movie and TV productions, including concept art, miniature, props, costumes, scripts, and various other curiosities.

Recent listings include some gorgeous artwork from the TOS movies, featuring Mount Seleya on the planet Vulcan, painted as studies for matte paintings by ILM artist Chris Evans. One listing includes two paintings produced during the production of The Search For Spock:

A separate listing is a single piece from the production of The Voyage Home.

These paintings, and many more pieces of Trek movie memorabilia are available on Prop Store right now.

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Lahore Design Studio said...

This scenic artwork has taken my breath away. It is spell binding and mesmerizing. The colors and the scenery looks really amazing and wonderful.

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