Friday 29 September 2017

Discovery: Context is for Kings preview images

CBS have released several new stills from Discovery's third episode, Context is for Kings. Continue below to check them out, including the first look at Doctor Hugh Colder, as well as clips from the first two episodes, and hints at season two.

Note the bodies in this first image aren't just, well, bodies, they're severely contorted and look almost as if they've been compacted.

Discovery's resident robot, Airiam, seemingly in command here:


This final image was posted by actor Wilson Cruz; our first look at his character, Doctor Hugh Culber.

Meanwhile CBS have also released a gaggle of clips from the first two shows, if you wan't to relive those key moment (or haven't watched yet?!).

Some new stills too:

Finally, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Alex Kurtzman mentioned (among lots of interesting talk about the production in general) he anticipated a second second could be airing in early 2019 (sounds a long way off, but this first season does only end in early 2018), and how the writers already have lots of ideas on the go for it:
We have a larger picture for season two — if we're lucky to get a season two order. As you're breaking the season you get bunch of ideas you love and realize they won't fit in this season, so you put them on index cards and up on the board. We have a bunch of those as well as a big idea that emerged mid- to late-season one for something we want to do for season two. That's now become the spine of what we want to do for season two. We have an emotional compass pointing toward a big idea for a second season.
Star Trek: Discovery will continue weekly, and is distributed almost everywhere in the world on Netflix, except for the US where is will be available on CBS All Access, and Canada where it will be on Bell Media channels and services. To keep track of all the latest details from the new show, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page.

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