Wednesday 23 April 2014

Video game updates: Latest from Online, Timelines, and Infinity Wars

Here's some video game news. First up, Star Trek Online's latest round of updates includes a new Undine (aka Species 8472) lock-box, which introduces the usual assortment of new ships and equipment to players of the game. There are two Undine ships, the Nicor class bio-warship, and the Dromias class bio-cruiser.

Those ships come with special abilities: The Nicor class can summon other 8472 ships to create a lower-power version of the planet destroying weapon, while the Dromias can open a portal to Fluidic Space, flooding an area of normal space with liqudiy stuff that upsets other ships.

The equipment available via the lock box also includes Undine armour and weapons for characters, so everyone can dress up like a Species 8472:

You can find out more about the Undine lock-box on the STO website. The Undine focus is because Species 8472 are coming back into the spotlight in Online as the major adversary in the latest update, Season 9: A New Accord. This video introduces the new Undine Story arc, you'll find more details on STO's website:

Meanwhile another online Star Trek game is just starting to become a reality. Jon Radoff, CEO of Disruptor Beam, recently talked to Polygon about Star Trek Timelines, and gave this summary of what they hope to achieve with the game:
We've created this amazing galaxy generator which will populate what I think will be this big galaxy filled with content so there's always new things to explore and discover," Radoff said. "... and as you explore you run into conflicts, but the conflicts more often than not are not necessarily resolved by a phaser or with violence. It's going to be a big part of this game, leveraging the story elements, the crafting elements, a new tactical mission system that we're developing that will have the option to fight, yes, but also science will play a role, diplomacy, other kinds of non-violent problem resolution will be part of it because that's really what Star Trek is about.

It's something that historically Star Trek licenses have struggled with. People are consistently a little bit disappointed with a lot of Star Trek games, because most just become another combat simulator, with ship-to-ship combat or running around planets firing phasers at everything. That's not what we want to do.
Finally, another online game has just got a touch of Star Trek. Infinity Wars, an animated online card game, has just had a set of TNG cards added to the game. have previewed the fun animations, which look like this (continues after the jump):


Fox said...

Somehow while looking at those screens I started thinking about Telltale making a Star Trek game.

Now I'm sad.

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