Friday 18 April 2014

A closer look at Hallmark's 2014 Star Trek Keepsake ornaments

Hallmark have released their 2014 "Dreambook", their catalogue of Keepsake Christmas tree ornaments. Following the same format of the past few years, there are three Star Trek decorations this year: A starship, with light effects, which this year is the USS Vengeance. A figurine in the Star Trek Legends series, with Mr Sulu joining the crew this time. And a TOS diorama with sound effects, which this time depicts Spock and the Horta from The Devil in the Dark. Here's the Star Trek page from the Dreambook:

Hallmark have also, already, put up the product pages for each ornament on their website. The Vengeance and Sulu pages include new big images of both. The Horta scene doesn't yet have a new photo, instead using the old concept art, but you can hear the soundclip the ornament will play if you visit the page. Here are the images of the other two; doesn't the Vengeance look amazing!

1 comment:

Cube said...

That Vengeance looks miles better than the Hot Wheels one.

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