Tuesday 29 April 2014

DST searches for Spock, finds Kirk

At the past weekend's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo Diamond Select Toys previewed two new additions to their Star Trek range. Expected in the autumn this year will be the fourth Excelsior class variant in their model starships range. Having gradually worked backwards through the timeline, the USS Excelsior NX-2000 will be joining the Enterprise-B, the battle damaged-B, and the Excelsior NCC-2000. Eagle-eyed starships fans should note the latest NX variation features not just a registration change, but a different bridge module and shuttle-bay, plus the area between the impulse engines is darker. Here's an image posted by DST on their Facebook page:

Also on display is DST's second bust bank, which is Captain Kirk, to join the existing Spock bust. Image again via Facebook:

Going back to The Search For Spock, also on the way this year is a phaser from that film. Entertainment Earth now have a listing up for that, suggesting an October release, and showing this new image:

They also give this pithy description:
Don't search for Spock while you're unarmed! Carry the famous phaser first seen in the third Star Trek movie, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock! With a removable Type 1 "cricket" phaser and a Type 2 pistol grip, this instantly recognizable Starfleet-issue Star Trek III Movie Phaser Light-Up Prop Replica with Sound features realistic lights and sound effects straight from the film. It's the latest advancement in role-playing technology!


Fox said...

At this rate, DST will be showing off their Defiant and Voyager in 2084 and 2104, respectively.

Brandon's Blog said...

The Search for Spock is probably my favorite Star Trek film of all time. So the [NX-2000] Excelsior is going to find it's way onto my bookshelf when it comes out. But I have to agree with Fox.. the roll-out time on newer/ different DST ships is excruciating. Their work is so fantastic but is diluted to just the generic Enterprises we've seen for decades. Let's see an Akira class from them, that would be fantastic!

Warren said...

Indeed. They keep doing the same ships over and over and over and over. Enterprise-A, Enterprise-D, Klingon Bird of Prey, Excelsior, and repeat. Oh, and Enterprise-E. And repeat. And repeat.

Do they really think they'll make less money by adding an OODLE of variety into the mix?

8of5 said...

I believe at least one entirely new ship might be previewed at the San Diego Comic Con.

Star Trek just isn't a big enough market for DST to be able to churn loads of new ships (or anything else) all the time. All the variants allow them to get extra value out of each mold. Without them we'd get even fewer ships.

They also mean a lot more people's preferences get catered for. If they just did one version of each ship, how many would be complaining at the lack of a variant they wish existed?

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